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Jan Drake Bakke

Wild and Beautiful Poet and Intuitive Jan Drake Bakke, certified Psychic, graces the Wild Site with poems of strength and joy, reflections of Jan herself.  Jan is familiar with loss, yet her poetry engages the joy and the pleasures of life as well.  A blend of spiritual and physical strength - Jan was a competitive gymnast and dancer whose circumstances moved her to care giving - Jan’s poetry carries one into the mystical realm of caring and hope and uplifts us through the power of simple indulgence.

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Jan Drake Bakke
Jan Drake Bakke
Psychics Gone Wild Poet
(1) Soul Poem
Our souls are made up of rainbows, the stars and the seas. The wind, butterflies, meadows and trees. It continues with the skies, the moon and sun. We are here not only to learn but to have fun. Our soul full of color, light and love. Reflects itself with others and from above. It shares its radiance to all that are near. Our soul is made up of you and I who are so dear.
(2) God's Freeway
Travel on glitter highway, the road that sparkles hope. God's shiny freeway into the land of I will cope.
(3) Thoughts
Think good thoughts. They travel with light. That hits others with warmth, peace and delight.
(4) Mystical Traveler
Mystical traveler on your dragon do you fly. Over rainbows, mountains and horizons so high. Through sea fog, glorious waves do you shimmer with your dragon's wings along. You've conquered many worlds, translucent and strong. The mystical traveler seeks to advise and heal others in many lands. Its obstacles are great,its journey is to assist its brothers and sisters with God's commands. The mantel received is given by the Great Spirit,a service for eternity, the traveler will not fear it. A path of challenge but of wondrous joy too. It's not taken by everyone but for only a few. Mystical traveler and your dragon a remarkable life you choose, and many who are chosen by God's will do not refuse. 
(5) Possibilities Poem
In this light my face shines. And I can see the possibilities. And for that I am grateful. In this light I can move with ease. And I can touch the world with grace and let go of anything hateful.
(6) Breathe
Breathe with me, I can sense your air. Your breeze is free. Our love was rare. I will seize this feeling. My eyes with a tear. This change in which you are dealing, in your new atmosphere.
(7) Whatever Ails You
The courage one takes to get up again. The hits one will take when they learn of your sin. God shields you after you admit your mess. He takes you by the hand once you confess. The fear of rejection still remains while going toward your goal, your dream, hold on to your sword. The challenge is great but worth the fight. Letting go of your darkness and walking into the light.
(8) Stop for Coffee
Get off the complain train and get on the soul train. Traveling at the speed of angels making its way to Heavenly Town. And doing this without a frown. Check out Forgiveness Lane or No Bitterness Drive or that one street called No Longer in Pain or the other one called I Am So Grateful to Be Alive. How about that little town to stop in called I'm Happy and Free. Where they serve fresh coffee and pie topped with joy and laughter regularly!!! Or check out that park called My New Life Starts Now. Colorful flowers, delighting scents, we're going to be ok. Get ready!! Wow!!
(9) They Fly
They die. Then they fly. Some see them in the sky. Others in their mind’s eye. We ask why? We wonder with a sigh. We continue to cry. It is not a lie. We have to have faith that they are nearby. God has them now, it is not goodbye. To let them go we try. Then they come to us in our dreams to say hi! And that is the best experience, oh my!! Let's have some strawberry rhubarb pie!!
(10) Galactic Gurus
Two light beams cross each others path. They make beautiful rainbows forming a cosmic bath. They shine their brilliant rays dancing together through the spheres. They shower the space with hundreds of sparkling stars for many many years. These beams illuminate the most fantastic light design. Throughout the universe, the skies and planets shine. They are a gift from the heavens. Here to remind us of the news,that God is watching over us with his galactic gurus.
(11) Planet Depression by Poem Corn
Don't let planet depression take away your expression. Go to planet escape, oops not there.  There was a sour grape.  How about planet happy? No, you still feel crappy.  Then go to planet poem.  Now there you can roam.  What about planet food?  That will get you in the mood.  But the best is planet dance.  That is where you can always have a chance!!!
(12) Crimes Against Us
What about that brutal that riveted up against you?Without warning on that day. On those days. And that glaze became you. That haze filled your ways. Another life then was your peace. It carried you for a time. Still those brutals did not cease, in your mind. It is in the past now and that haze comes and goes now and then. Like an old friend visiting, it doesn't take long to reach you again!!
(13) Angel in Flight
Brother, my angel in the sky. Flying, gliding so high. I didn't want you to leave. I wasn't ready for you to die. We finally found ourselves again and met eye to eye. It was such love, a friendship, only to say good bye. You were my angel. Now you are gone. Why oh why?Crying, the tears won't stop. I will not lie. I can't stand you are not here. But an angel must fly. I know you won't shed a tear. But I will still cry. Brother, you are my angel.
(14) Peace Poem
Some of us are part Christian, part Jewish, part Buddhist.  Part Yoganandan, part Mormon, it's quite a list.  Part Maraji, part Muslim, part New Age, we don't all agree. Part Wikken, part Gnostic, part Hindu, Have a nice day to all of us.  Peace on earth. Let's all live joyfully!!!
(15) When I Step into Heaven---And when God takes me to his meadows of green, gold, blues, pinks and purple hues I will step into his glorious array of colors with only good news.  That my time on earth was worth all the trials.  Then heaven on earth was always in the universe's files.  And I can tell them that I did see it from time to time.  Especially when I talked to God in a rhyme.  But that life here has been a blast.  That this was a beautiful life and my very last.  When I step into heaven where God sends me please!! I will remember my time on earth with the greatest of ease!!!
(16) Love for My Mother
My dearest Mom who I cherish with all of my heart, please know you are thought of in the most beloved way since we have been apart.  Our time together here on earth was full of joy, laughter and many hardships too, but we always managed to enjoy all the days and overcome anything we had to get through.  I know you are in this most lovely place.  I will join you one day where I can see your beautiful face.  Thank you my sweet and kind Mother for being my best friend to me here, I will always know that you are still near.  God bless you MaMa and may serenity be with you now, I will live on with your spirit and your amazing love oh wow!!!


Jan Drake Bakke was born in Hammond, Indiana and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada starting at age four.  She is English, German, Dutch and Scott Irish descent.  She grew up as a competitive gymnast from age seven and went on to dancing in a college dance company and studied at several universities.  She became a professional then in Las Vegas shows as a Showgirl, Dancer, and Acrobat as she worked in Las Vegas, other cities and other countries. Jan experienced different spiritual paths throughout her life and came back to her Christian roots later again.  She was inspired by family and friends along the way.  

After being injured in dancing, Jan became a Massage Therapist and worked many years.  In 2001 she became ill and was caretaking her mother and continued to work part time.  She learned there was more to life other than the physical body.  Something she relied on most of her life.  

She is still growing and learning on a spiritual life path.  She really started to notice her intuitive experiences more and more and recognizing them.  She married her longtime boyfriend Steve after 17 years.  He helped in the caretaking of she, her mother and her brother when needed through the years.  He is still by her side today.  A true friend and soul mate and now wonderful husband.  

Jan's mother and brother both died within a year's time and she was then led to Jethro Smith.  He has counseled her with his breathtaking readings and encouragement.  He told her to continue writing as she has been published today for her poetry work.  She started writing poems when her mother died and has not stopped.  She feels they come to her through intuitive guidance from the Holy Spirit.  She is grateful to be able to share them with others.