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 Very gifted psychics, healers, artists and counselors
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What is it like to see an angel? to cross over? to raise a psychic child? to BABYSIT a psychic child? 
Find out from someone who has been-there-done-that or who is there doing that!

Psychics Gone Wild offers answers to questions, first-hand experience and knowledge on metaphysical and spiritual topics such as angels, divine intervention, reiki, health and energy, deja vu, the spirit world, and developing your sixth sense and creativity.
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Dial-In to Listen and Learn and Laugh (Sometimes Cry) and Be Amazed and Inspired.
No Spiritual Topic Is Too Wild for Psychic Hosts Gone Wild and Super Special Guests:

Angie Mitchell - Empath / Tarot Reader
Dena Flanagan - Certified Medium / Psychic Healer / Tarot / Reiki Master / Past Lives
Gary Wimmer - Certified Psychic and Lithomacy Master / Tarot / Author
Jan Drake Bakke - Wild and Beautiful Poet / Intuitive / Totems / Missing Persons
Jethro Smith - Certified Psychic Intuitive / Reiki Master / Certified Tarot Reader / Reverend / Author
Linda Irwin - Musician / Paranormal
Lori Connell - Empath / Healer
Lynn Bleasdale Musician / Artist / Medium / Healer
Patti Negri - Actress & Producer  Voted #1 Psychic in the U.S.!  Chief Examiner American Federation

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MondayGary Wimmer & Lori Connell (9pm EST)
Wednesday - Jethro Smith & Dena Flanagan (9pm EST)
Thursday - Jan Drake Bakke & Linda Irwin & Lynn Bleasdale (9pm EST)
Friday - Patti Negri & Jethro Smith Host Surprise Guests (9pm EST)
Prize Winners - Email to retrieve your Wild Winnings! (please leave name, number, and mailing address to receive your precious stones, books, t-shirts, music, and other wild treasures!)

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Psychics Gone WildPsychics Gone Wild
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Patti Negri Psychics Gone Wild Voted #1 Psychic in the United States
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